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About NirWana's Creator

Inspiration and creativity in Every Turn

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Welcome to Nirwana!

My name is Torben Hansen, I am the creative force behind NirWana.


I started my life in Jewellery in Denmark when I was a child, at the age of 9, I was putting beads on a string and at age of 12, I went on my first business trip to Asia with my parents buying gemstones in Bangkok, Hongkong and Pearls in Japan.

At 15, I made the first braid, that would eventually become NirWana

At 17, I started designing jewellery.

At 19, I worked at A. Ruppenthal

(one of the world’s largest gemstone companies the time)

At 20, I graduated from GIA in Santa Monica, GJG and worked at Denmark Jewelry on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills selling huge diamonds this shop was later Bought by Bvlgari


The following years I lived and worked in Germany, Sweden, USA, Thailand, Monaco and the UAE Adding to my insight and understanding of different cultures of the world which are all represented in NirWana

NirWana is not bound to any specific religion, but to that of Humanity and their beliefs in pursuit of clarity and happiness in life, so that you can cherish as any moments in your life as possible.

above all please remember to

Cherish Your Moments

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What ever your special moment is, hold on to it. 

NirWana's Quality is superb

We have drawn on decades of experience in manufacturing,

made partnerships with the best people in their fields, to make the best quality possible.

So that you may Cherish your piece of Nirwana for years to come.

We promise to never compromise. 


The secret string

Let me  assure you, that when I say the secret is in the string this is the truth.

To find a string the keeps the colour resistant to water and what is needed for a bracelets wear, while still holding the knot.

After testing more than 20 different strings having 100s of kilometre of string which fails in quality control.

 We have the magic tread.

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Knotting production

We have chosen to keep the knotting process in Europe, this is to ensure highest quality and protect our secret string and above all the flexibility to quickly adapt repair and customise bracelets for customers

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Metals and secret plating

Using the very best materials is the NirWana way, our beads are made in solid sterling silver, our secret recipe of Rosegold plating unique to NirWana, Gold plating is easy but Rosegold plating is complex on silver if you want it to hold, we found the way in our research and we are proud to offer our customers this option for their bracelets.



Many Luxury brands such as Hublot, Chanel, Bvlgari and Audemars Piguet are using ceramic in their lines, we decided that only the best is good enough therefore our logo beads in black are made in ceramic, to give you the best possible quality.

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Beads are Handset

There are many types of sparkling beads on the market, many where the stones are glued in crystals Etc. 

NirWana's beads are all silver hand set with Cubic zirconia it is the best and most costly way of making such a bead but also holds and shines the best which is why we use it, again nothing is spared in bringing you the best quality on the market.

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We love gems the beads are selected in a strict quality control done only by Torben to make sure everything lives up to his standards, not just the quality of the gem but also the quality of the cut of the bead as well all beads are drilled specially for Nirwana not to have sharp edges.

The NirWana Story

The word NirWana originated in ancient India and was later adopted by the Tibetans describing a

state of complete bliss and enlightement achievable through meditation. 

In today’s increasingly busy world people know that to achieve this would be a dream.

NirWana is also referred to as a mystical, idyllic and harmonious valley, an earthly paradise in a mythical Himalayan Utopia a place of permanent peace and happiness, isolated from the outside world.

NirWana has been created to remind you to cherish your moments and to live your life to the fullest.

This powerful message of NirWana is symbolized in our logo the ”Cosmic Mandal”

which is illustrated in the constant moving force of three drops representing eternity and the three things,

unique to you as a person depending on your path and goals in life,

like wisdom, love & success, that you need in life in order to achieve goals. 

When you wear a bracelet from NirWana, you wear a symbol of creativity ”The Cosmic Mandal”.

It will remind you to appreciate the special moments in life and to cherish them

which is the true key to heaven on earth your NirWana.


As a designer Torben Hansen has always been a creative spirit and has always used it in combination with his loyal companion: His sixth sense of beauty. He utilized these skills in combination with noble metals and beautiful gemstones. The Passion of NirWana was originally created back in 1987, when Torben made his first macramé bracelet as a gift for his mother. 

In 2011 Torben experienced an unimaginable level of regret, feeling that he had not cherished all his moments with his father when he passed away. 

Exactly at that point in time Torben realized that he had to create something that would represent eternity and remind people to cherish their special moments in life. The comic mandal is the perfect symbol for this task and we started with the placing it on your arm in the form of a bracelet.

The future will hold other products, that will also remind you to slow down and cherish your moments.

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